Surgical Services

Overview of Services Provided:          

  • Anesthesiology                        
  • Operating Room                                    
  • Cardiac                                    
  • Thoracic Vascular                                    
  • Orthopedic                                    
  • Neurosurgery                                    
  • Spine                                    
  • General                                    
  • OB/ GYN                                    
  • Head & Neck                                    
  • Dental/ Oral & Maxillofacial                                   
  • Plastic                                    
  • Urology                                    
  • Podiatry                          
  • ASC (outpatient-same day)                                    
    • POHA (pre op holding area)
    • PACU (recovery room)                          
  • Endoscopy (GI services)                          
  • Sterile Processing

FAQ's about Surgical Services

What do I need to know about my medical insurance prior to surgery? 
First, you'll need to check your eligibility to have the surgery and pre-certify if the procedure you are having done, requires you to do so.  In the event that your insurance does not cover the procedure, or if you do not have health insurance coverage, the patient will be responsible for payment. 

When should I confirm my surgery time?            
The actual time of surgery is determined the afternoon before.  Patients will be asked to call ASC to get their scheduled reporting time.

Why is the time I have to come in so much earlier than my scheduled procedure time?            
Preparing the patient for surgery can require a series of events and possible day of procedure testing.  There are also a series of administrative duties that need to be performed.  We allot time prior to insure these activities can be completed without delaying your scheduled procedure.

What to expect when you arrive at ASC (outpatient surgery)?            
The patient will be brought back to their room.  Their skin prep will be done and we will start an IV.  Any required tests will be done at this time.  After the completion of the prep work, family and friends may come back and be with the patient, however, the patient will need to remain on a stretcher.

Am I allowed to eat or drink before surgery?            
Instructions will be given to you prior to surgery, usually it is recommended that the patietn have nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to surgery.  This is to prevent life threatening complications during the surgery; failure to do so can cause cancelation of your surgery.

Do I continue my regular medications before surgery?            
Instructions will be given to you prior to surgery.

What to bring/ don’t bring on the day of your surgery?            
Only bring the clothes you are wearing, picture ID and insurance card.  Please leave all jewelry, purse/wallet and valuables at home  

Why do I need to take my underwear off?            
It may be displaced.  In addition, the antiseptic prepping solution we use may stain.  If the need arises to catheterized intraop or postop , or if the patient needs the bedpan, the underwear will make it difficult or cause delay.  

Why do I need to remove any metal or jewlery?            
The surgery may require a cautery unit to be used.  With the metal/jewelry present it becomes part of the electrical circuit that may cause a potential burn.  

Why do I need to remove my ring(s)?            
Due to normal swelling the ring will be too tight, which may necessitate cutting it off, and or injury might occur.  

Will I see the surgeon prior to surgery?            
Please communicate to the nursing staff if you wish to see him/her prior to surgery.  You will have an opportunity to talk to your surgeon in the preholding area.  At that time, your physician will review your procedure and any questions you may have.

Will I see the anesthesiologist prior to surgery?
Yes, they will interview/assess you in the holding room (POHA) prior to surgery.  They will be able to answer your questions or concerns prior to surgery.  

Will my family be allowed in the POHA?            
Due to the intensive care given to patients, privacy issues and work flow, family members will not be allowed into the POHA. 

Will my family be allowed in the Operating Room?
No, in order to maintain the highest level of sterility in the surgical environment; this is not allowed.    

Will my family be allowed in the PACU (recovery room)?            
Due the intensive care given to patients, privacy issues and work flow, family members will not be allowed. 

What we need to know about your transportation after surgery (outpatient)?            
For the safety of the patient, it is mandatory that they have someone available to take them home when they are ready for discharge.  It is possible that the procedure will be canceled if there is no one available to take the patient home. It is imperative that arrangements are made for transportation before the day of surgery.  

Does the hospital have a pharmacy where we can fill prescriptions?            
No – you will have to go to an outside pharmacy.  If your physician will be giving prescriptions for medications to be taken after your procedure, ask them if you can have it filled before the day of your procedure.  

Why does everyone ask me my name, birthday and who my doctor is?            
Throughout your stay, you will constantly be asked to say and spell your name, give your birthday, who your doctor is and what you are having done. This is done for your safety.  Everyone you come in contact with, will use this to             verify that you are the correct patient and having the correct procedure done.